10 Oct 2019

Supporting Early Childhood Teachers and Educators

A new member of the Lifelong Learning Centres community is supporting Early Childhood Teachers and educators to provide the best opportunities for the children in our care. 

Dr Lesley Jones, one of Queensland’s most experienced and accomplished Early Childhood Education professionals, has been appointed as Senior Advisor, Pedagogy and Practice.

An accomplished teacher and thought-leader, as well as mother of four and proud grandmother to seven ‘gorgeous’ grandchildren, Lesley is excited about her opportunity to support Early Childhood Teachers and Lead Educators in more than 160 Lifelong Learning Centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group around Australia.

“The early years in a child's life go by so fast, and many parents are unaware of the additional opportunities and benefits a high quality early education environment can provide for their child," Lesley said.

"But early childhood educators and teachers know the wonderful impact high quality early education can make on children's learning outcomes," she said. 

"High quality early education is vital. Up to 1 in 5 Australian children begin school developmentally vulnerable ( AEDC snapshot 2019), but our Lifelong Learning approach is extremely successful in preparing children academically, socially, physically and emotionally for school.".

Parents who enrol their baby, toddler or child in a Lifelong Learning Centre can be confident that their child's educator has access to continued professional development, support and motivation to deliver high quality, professional early education for the children in their care. 

“Every child deserves the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of learning - to help them reach their full potential at school and beyond. I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with such an engaged group of early childhood leaders, to progress further the early education we provide across Australia," Lesley said.

10 Sep 2020

R U OK? Day

Learning how to support peers and talk about feelings is an important life lesson – so start the conversation with your littlest friends this R U OK? Day.
2 Sep 2020

Lifelong Learning Community Celebrates Early Childhood Educators Day

Our Lifelong Learning Community is excited to celebrate our Educators this Early Childhood Educators Day. We are so proud to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the ones who make a difference in developing lifelong learners. 
10 Aug 2020

Celebrating the science in everyday

Science is around us everywhere, everyday – but for one week especially, National Science Week, we are exploring all the special science moments that happen around us and learning more.